fitting a run in on holiday

photo 1


Earlier this year we booked a holiday in Cornwall, we arranged to go away with a close group of friends and camp near Padstow, this is great, because we all have kids, and the site we were on is very child friendly without being over the top.

Late one night I decided to have a look for any runs that happened to be on while we were there and their Just happened to be a coastal path race organised by  MUDCREW R.A.T now this was not officially a marathon, but still a tough and challenging course. there were four races on the same day. White, red, black and plague. these went up in distance. 11,20,32,64miles. this took some thought. I knew I could never attempt the 64mile run, that would be bloody daft of me… utmost respect to the runners i met who did it, AMAZING ! !! 32 miles was possible and 20 was a good distance too, the White 11 would of been just too short. so it was 32 or 20. I decided to play it safe. I was on holiday after all, spending time with my family, i figured i could run the 20miler Cornish coastal path in a couple of hours – no problem, so i signed up to the RED 20 miler. and waited.


We were in Cornwall for a week before the marathon, so a week spent sitting up late into the night, drinking lots, eating pasties and generally indulging, probably isn’t the best way to prepare for a run of any distance, let alone a coastal path trail marathon! but when on holiday, you have to kickback and relax… so I did.


Race day came and I packed my bag with the very specific kit list which all runners had to carry, (I’m1 still a bit confused why i needed a warm jacket in august in Cornwall!) but hey-ho, all packed got in the car with Emily and the kids, put the postcode in the SATNAV and we set off to Porthpean in Cornwall.


Recently I have had very little luck in getting to marathons on time, and this nearly happened again… the problem being i relied on my SATNAV. All was going smoothly until we were almost there then the lady in my SATNAV started to get very confused… we ended up driving down dirt tracks, through farm yards, then back the way we came, only to do it again! eventually Em and I refereed to the Actual map and found our way just in the nick of time…


i registered and sorted my kit out and jumped on the bus. this was a point to point marathon, from PorthLoe to Porthpean.


Porthpean was beautiful! a great place to start the run. however my only problem with the whole race was actually the start. i loved the run i truly did, but the start was ever so frustrating.I made the mistake of starting to far down the group, there was no guidance as to where to position myself in the group and ended up quite near the back, this was frustrating as there was no room to pass anyone for what felt like miles, it was actually about 2 miles, or 35minutes, but that was 35-45 minutes of walking, if i had positioned myself further up the group i feel my time and run would of been much better probably about 30 minutes faster…. this would be my only feedback to the race team. when starting a group of 260 runner in single file, have a think about how they all start, maybe a staggered start would of been better? or some sub markers? something was needed, and its only because there were so many runners in such a small space.


anyway here are some pictures

PORTHLOE the start.

photo 2 photo 5 photo 3

The single file race.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 3 photo 1

Steps. SO many steps!

photo 5 photo 4

AS it turned out it was bloody hard. i would of struggled to do much more actually, i was shattered and ready to stop at the end, if i end up in Cornwall next summer i may consider the 32 miler . . . . .

Child magnets – Dads best toys

A friend of mine once told me when I was expecting my first daughter, watch out for your vinyl. Children have a nac of picking out your most prized record and scratching it beyond rescuing… Well I heeded his advice, and kept my precious vinyl just out if reach, where it more if less stayed safe.



My daughters to be honest didn’t care about my records… My records were never that much in danger. Actually my girls were generally very respectful of most of my things.

Then we had a son. Now boys I discover really are a different breed. He loves all things that are not his. Including my records, I mainly play mp3 now, but he is still fascinated by the black disks next to my computer.



But nothing fascinates him more than technology. He loves phones, remotes, amplifiers. Keyboards. iPads, computer screens, car stereos,  guitars… Anything that has buttons,  flashy lights. or makes noises. Anything that grownups use.

So I have only one device bar my phone that I use(d) religiously. That was my GPS watch. Every run was logged, and listed.
It turned out to be a really useful tool.lovely for keeping the pace on long runs, and just to see my steady improvement. I used it every other day.


That is until it went missing . It just was charging one minute and gone the next. I instantly knew that it had fallen into the hands of my little boy, but it’s fate was yet to be discovered. At the same time my phone also went missing. I discovered this in a plant pot on the deck, in amongst the daffodils. This took many missed calls from my wife and intensely listening for the distant rumble of a phone on silent.

But what has he done with my watch?? My watch as also on silent. No alarms .
No beeps.just my dad senses to rely on.

Well it turned out my Dad senses are rubbish. That was 2 months ago now. And no sign… My gut feeling tells me it’s gone. It’s gone In the bin. Or it’s at the bottom of a muddy pond. Either way it’s gone.


Sad runner of Leicester.

On the other hand. I’m now running just at what ever speed seems appropriate. And I quite like that too, I may get a replacement watch after the summer, just for training, but running marathons, with no guidance from technology, actually is great. You just do what ever you want. I do carry my phone, it’s in my pocket. But I leave it there . I do track my runs, but I don’t look. I feel somewhat less unplugged actually.